VSCO Cam - I have found my style


Ever since I got an Iphone I have been in love with the app VSCO Cam. The things I can do with it when editing my photos is wonderful. I have always loved my work looking more like film. I am to scared to use a film camera, maybe because I have grown so dependant on digital for the ability to be able to view a picture. Maybe I am scared of the outcome of a shot and it not being very good. Being dissapointed that it wasn't what I hoped. Or maybe I just don't always like mystery. 

When I came across VSCO Cam thanks to my dear friend Luke, I fell in love with its ability to help turn your photos into more of a film texture. I love the dark tones you can get with it, the grain and the options of exposing more light sot each shot, or maybe taking light away to give it that more edgy feel. For what ever reason, I love it. 

I recently, thanks to my Dad got Adobe Lightroom. I am so excited to start using it and learning new things. The great thing with lightroom is you can purchase VSCO actions. So I am currently saving for the actions so that I can bring my shots to life just how I want them. For now I shall keep editing my SLR shots with the app and then moving them over to my laptop to finish off the nitty gritty bits.

I am really excited with what the future holds for my photography and I am really feeling like I have found my style. 

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  1. Hello! I am new follower to your beautiful blog and i just wanted to say how very much i am enjoying having a long and lazy wander through all your lovely posts, your photographs are beyond beautiful! xxxx

    1. Oh that is so kind of you. Thank you for your support x