Unicorn Cottage - Feature wall


Christmas 2012 my Nan got my the best Christmas present. A vintage stamp draw. My mum has 2 up in her own home and I had always wanted one. For a long time the tray just sat in the corner of the room gathering dust until December. The boy could see I was feeling down and got his tools out and hung the tray up on our feature wall. I love it so much and it really has bought our living room together. I can't wait to find some more little miniature things to pop inside. 

The deer's head has really pulled it all together and I am so pleased with it. The boy got me him for Christmas to hang out back in the craft room but at the moment the craft room is a no go zone due to all the bad weather we have had. The roof is letting water in and the heating doesn't work. So there was only one place Percival the stag could be hung and that was in the living room on the feature wall.

I have also started to make my own fabric hoops to hang up. Following a trend. I love them and they are so easy to make. Eventually I would like to start making them with more than just words but for now I am in love with coming up with new quotes.

The living room is really coming together and it is now my favourite place to be. Next week the boy is going to be doing some bits to our bedroom and I cant wait to share he hand work with you.

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  1. My parents kept little shelves for trinkets like this in the house I grew up in, and I'd love one for my own home. Yours looks adorable and you must be looking forward to filling it. :)

    1. Oh how lovely. They are great and I cant wait to fill mine. X