Unpetitmeow - Feature


Recently I came across the lovely Shari. Creator of wonderful children's hair accessories and other delights, Shari sent me some of her collection to use in a little shoot. 

Although I don't have children myself (just yet) I have a fondness for children's clothes and accessories and spend a lot of time peeking at different websites children's ranges. Having many wonderful babes in my life I am always on the look out for kiddies bits and pieces. When I came across Shari and her gorgeous little girl on IG I fell in love. Her fun creations are great for kids and she recently started making wonderful peter pan collar necklaces for your little ladies.

You can see all of Shari's delights over on here website below.

So go grab your darlings some wonderful accessories and dress them up pretty for Christmas.

Models: Princess Elle & Princess Mia Pink
Mother: Keri-Anne Pink (Gingerlillytea)
Hair accessories: UNPETITMEOW

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  1. beautiful shots LOVE THEM and cute accessories