Paper cup gift boxes - Creative moments


I love finding new DIYs and Pinterest is the perfect place for find them. I recently came across this wonderful idea of making gift boxes out of paper cups. I think I have a fondness of creating things from paper cups and recently created a paper cup light bunting. Take a peek at that here.

These little boxes are tricky to make to start with but once you have made a few you get the hang of them. The Internet is full of DIYs on how to make them. Decorating can be done however you want and I came across some great ideas, for example someone dipped dyed theirs which I thought was fantastic. I decided to use my beloved washi tapes to decorate mine. I am thinking of adding some metal twine to make a cute handle so they can be hung up.

So what do you think? Sweet and simple just how I like it and great for all occasions!

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  1. What a lovely idea!! Washi tapes are really on the trend and I love that you use it for your boxes. It really did give a beautiful lift on your box, Hannah. I will try to be more creative with my washi tapes now. I actually have several washi tapes from my sister and I haven't tried using it yet. Now, you gave a wonderful idea to start it with. Thank you! -

    1. How lovely. I am pleased I could inspire you. Thanks for peeking into my blog. X

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