Princess Edie and her teddy bear tea party


One of the things that gives me great pleasure is to take pictures for a loving family and when my dear friend Beth and her wonderful partner Steve asked me to do pictures of them and their little princess Edie I was so excited. The love just beams off of them and I couldn't have had a better family to work with. After this shoot I am really looking forward to doing more family shoots.

The shoot was full of bubbles, handmade tepees, teddy bear tea parties, tears and love.

If you are interested in a family shoot like this and live in the UK please do take a peek at my flickr page (Click here) and get in contact. I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful and cute kid.

  2. They are stunning dear :) You captured their happiness so well. x

    1. Oh thank you M. Im so glad I was able to do this for them xxx

  3. My goodness, these are gorgeous! I am 18 and I still dream about having teddy bear/tepee picnics!

    xx Carina