Acorns, aren't they just darling little bits of nature


Acorns, aren't they just darling little bits of nature. With their smooth little bodies and cute little bowl  hats, they hang from the acorn tree like little gents waiting for the right time to fall to the ground and have a dance with the grace and have a tipple or two with the conkers.

Yesterday Lee and I took a little 5 min drive to Broughton Castle to start collecting acorns for our wedding. Although the acorns are still young and fresh there were still a lot on the floor ready to be taken or stolen from the squirrels. We left plenty behind for them though so please do not worry.

Broughton Castle is full to the brim of acorn trees and over the next few months as the acorns get bigger and older I shall be collecting more. 

Starting our collection of acorns, keys and other bites like lace for our jars really has my smiling. It makes it all feel so much more real and some good news came to us today. We decided straight away that we wanted to have a adult bouncy castle for our guests (Me) and a friend of mine at work does them at weekends and today he said he would do one for free! I was so so happy when he told me and now its one less thing for us to worry about and the money we would have spent on it is now going on other things. I am so excited and my heart just skips every time I think, WOW I am getting married next year.

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  1. Such a magic place. I do believe one of the most wonderful shapes in the world is the shape of the acron :) Stunning pictures dear Hannah. And SO fun about the jumpy castle :) i love that.