Unicorn Cottage Visitors - My fitches, Sam and Lizzie


Lizzie and Sam outside Unicorn Cottage.

This afternoon has been lovely. My two dear friends Sam and Lizzie travelled down from Northampton to come visit me. I have known these girls a good few years now and every time we are together we don't stop laughing. I adore them so much. 

We went for lunch at the local in my village and had a great time catching up. Gossipping and laughing. Sometimes you don't have to see certain people for months on end to know that they are true friends and should I ever need them they would be there. Sam and Lizzie have supported me through so much drama in my life and I truly grateful for that and to have them in my life. 

This is what true friendships are built on and I very lucky.

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  1. I look 'special' :-(

    1. No you do not! Stop being negative. You are beautiful x