Twig tassel garland - creative moments


I really enjoy making crafts that are simple and quick to do. Working full time and coming home most evenings ready to crash, having the time to sit and craft is really hard but finally this today I had time to sit down and craft. Recently I have been feeling really creative and have been trying out new things. I have a list of things I want to make but today I was inspired by someone I follow on instagram to create this lovely twig tassel garland. 

We have a wood shed out in the back of our garden, so rummaged through the piles of wood and found the perfect stick. I used twine to make the hanger, and the tassels are made of tissue paper. You can find many DIYs on how to do the tassels on google.

It really was as simple as it looks and I am thinking of hanging this in the bedroom once we have decorated it. I have many ideas on how I want our room to look and I think this will look lovely but for now it is another extension hanging in the craft room.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. Wow - such a simple idea but so very pretty! Thanks for sharing xo

    1. Awwwww thanks Laura. You are lovely xxx

  2. You know I so adore this! It is perfect in every way, just like you. :) x