There In Spirit Part 6 - A garden for dreamers


Its been a little while since I had the pleasure of posting my favourite feature, There In Spirit. I love that moment when my phone pings and I see a picture message come through from Keri-Anne. I just know that the whole day I shall be receiving wonderful photos of the girls and their day. It makes me feel special that they would all want to share their day with me in pictures. What makes it even more special is that this post is no longer planned. I leave it up to Keri-Anne to decide when she wants to send me the pictures. 

I am so glad she chose this day to share with me. Keri-Anne and the girls went and visited her mum's lovely partner's parents house. They spent the day in a beautiful garden having water fights, playing on the swings and having a wonderful BBQ.

Having these pictures sent to me really makes me feel like I am apart of their day. I can't thank Keri-Anne enough for sharing these moments with me. 

I really want my sister to do things like this as well when her and the family go out so I can share their adventures as well. I shall have to keep bugging her!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend. I know I am. Saturday I have my dear friends Sam and Lizzie visiting, then spending time with the boy in the evening. Sunday I have Keri-Anne and Co visiting for a BBQ in the garden and a trip to Wroxton Abbey. I am always so grateful for anyone from my home town that comes to visit so I am really looking forward to sharing my weekend with them all.

Happy weekend everyone.

(all pictures take by Keri-Anne of Gingerlillytea. Click here to view her blog)

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