Paper Cup Twinkle Light Bunting - Creative moments


I love a good party, family get together, wedding anything where I can dance to music and when I say dance I mean shuffle as I am awful at dancing. I like to think myself as a pretty good party planner and tonight I decided to make myself a paper cup twinkle light bunting. 

Usually the idea is you get some plain paper cups and you cover them in what ever type of papers you want but I thought as my first attempt I would use some bright pink paper cups I already had from Laura's hen party I recently organised and put together.

I have to say these have been the easiest and faster party decorate I have ever made. They are that simple that I won't even tell you what I did as I really don't think it is rocket science. 

I am so pleased with them. I am thinking of having them hanging up  in the arch that leads into our nook of a kitchen. Next time I make them I am thinking of cutting some little pattern shapes in the cups so that they shine even more.

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  1. Oh oh its sooo cute! So fun and it does look wonderful to have a go at. I bet Lee likes it too, hmm :) Pink rocks.

    Love loved the blurred shot too my sweet

    Maddy xx

    1. Awww thanks M. It is so quick and way. Going to make a few more for our engagement part! Lee does rreally like it.

      Hannah x

  2. This looks so so pretty! I'd love to have fairy lights up in my house, but there's no way on earth my boyfriend would go for it other than during December! ;)

    1. Oh I'd just put them up. Lee doesn't get a choice really. :) He excepts that the house will always be girly :)

      Im glad you like them x

  3. so nice and cute! i like them so much:)