My sister the wife, mother and student


Today my beautiful sister and nephew came to visit us at Unicorn Cottage. It was so wonderful to see them and have a well overdue catch up with my sister. Whilst Lee played with Callum me and my sister talked about the wedding, holidays and life's goings on. We took a little walk to the park to do some pictures of Callum (Reluctantly) and then play on the swings, when I say play I mean Lee and Callum play. Becky and I just sat on the swings and talked. Literally all day we have just talked and talked.

I am so incredibly proud of my sister. Not only is she a wife and a mother but my sister is at university studying incredibly hard to be a nurse and OH BOY is she trying so hard to make something of herself and for her family. She studies so hard and no matter how tough it gets to keeps on going. Life can be so hard sometimes but my sister is taking it all in her stride and making the best of it as she knows that soon enough she will be done and a new life can begin. Being a qualified nurse will open up the whole world to her and the family. 1 year left to go and she will be qualified and we shall be celebrating at my wedding and I can't wait. I am so so proud of you Becky and I couldn't ask for a better sister. Love you.

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  1. Such sweetness in those faces :). Beautiful images lovely H