Boy took my picture


Pictures taken by my Lee. Edited by me.

I really wanted to share with you some photographs my wonderful boy took of me yesterday on our way home from my folks house. On the way home I said to boy, fancy taking some pictures of me and I am so pleased with what he did. He took lots more but as my camera portrait lens is a manual only, a lot came out blurred but the ones that weren't were so wonderful. I am especially in love with the last picture.

Thank you boy for doing such a great job, we will make a photographer out of you yet.

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  1. The light in these photographs are amazing,they are so warm and full of summer dreams.

    1. Didn't my boy do great. I'm slowly teaching him how to use my camera and getting him to learn a manual lens. He did good. X

  2. Oh oh they are so wonderful! Lovely pics and lovely edits :) super duper!