Wedding Creation Bliss - Vintage Lace, twine, jars and tea lights.


Tonight has been a really productive night. I have spent the evening in the craft room testing out some wedding decorations. Jars with vintage lace, materials and twine. I saw this idea online and felt it would be perfect for our wedding next year as we are having a barn wedding we of course wanted a rustic theme and these jars are a great idea for the tables in the evening. A barn lit with twinkle lights and tea light jars.

I wanted to start my decorations as soon as I can and although I don't get married till September 2014 I wanted to make a start as I know I will have lots to do over the next year and a bit! Also starting now has really helped me picture what the barn will look like when decorated.

I am so excited I actually think I may burst. I hope you like this idea and it helps inspire you for your own wedding, or even just for decoration for your own home. I know these babies will be sitting out on my side until the wedding day.

Happy Friday one and all.

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  1. Just perfect! I completely love them x

    1. Awww thank you sweetie! I'm so proud of them! Xxx

  2. So want to have candles and lanterns at my wedding someday :) So beautiful Hannah :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    M xx