Wardington Cricket Team Fete - Supporting my boy


Today has been simply wonderful. Keri-Anne surprised me by calling and saying her, her husband and the girls where coming to visit me and what a perfect day to visit as today was Lee's cricket team's fund raising fete.

There were lots to do, like egg and spoon race, dog show, zumba dancers (in which Lee joined in), boucey castle slide, tea cup ride and so much more. What was nice was just lazing around enjoying the day. 

I am so grateful for anyone that comes to visit us but today meant a lot to not just me but Lee as well. Having people support him at something he is very passionate about really made him smile today and I am grateful for that.

So I hope you enjoy a few photos from the day and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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  1. Love them all. Loved this day x

  2. Lovely pics! Sweet one of them from the back on the hay bales and the laughing in the teacup and the dress in motion...!

  3. All so pretty H :) I want to be there with you all...but i would feel rather shy i think :) Such a lovely day and the weather looked perfect!

    Love and hugs,
    Madlyn xx

    PS. Sorry i haven't been commenting on your blog in awhile. I still have been looking though. ;) Summer is a busy time of year!