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Picture taken by Keri-Anne of Gingerlillytea - Click here to view her blog

Tonight I wanted to share a few things about me that only certain people would know about me. I noticed that I haven't really told you all much about myself, apart from the obvious love of my boy, photography and another rustic, I haven't really told you anything about me. So I thought I would tell you a few things.

1. I am coming up to 28 years of age and I can't wait. Getting old doesn't scare me at all.
2. I am a self taught photographer
3. Rudeness and selfishness are two things I HATE but I would be a lier if I said I had never done both BUT I always apologies for my wrong doings.
4. I used to do Jazz dancing and failed miserably due to my lack in ability to dance.
5. I met Lee through a dating website
6. I hate prawns, mushrooms and anything pickled
7. But I love love love Mr Whipey ice cream
8. I already have two baby names in mind and I'm not even having a baby yet
9. I have finally stopped biting my nails after, well my whole life
10. I hate the feeling of my hands being soft and dry and would rather they were wet all the time
11. I am incredibly sensitive and stubborn
12. My favourite movie is Braveheart
13. I LOVE to be alone
14. I am a dreamer but I am not afraid to live in the real world.
15. I spent Christmas 2011 in Canada and went back in June 2012. Some of my closest and dearest friends live there and I miss them everyday.
16. I have 8 tattoos
17. Music can reduce me to a watery mess just from the first note. Just play the song Bring Him Home from Les Miserables and you will see what happens.
18. One of my fondest memories as a child is laying out the pavement on our street looking at the stars and shutting the rest of the world out.
19. I am sarcastic and a joker. Two parts of my personality I got from my folks

So there you have it, a few things about me that you may not have known. I am nothing special but I am me and for the longest time I hated myself but over the years I am grown to love my courage, passion and love for the world and cant wait for the future and what it holds.

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  1. I knew every single one of those things :) Do i get a medal? x

  2. Love this post, Hannah. So nice to learn something new about you :)

    1. Why thank you Laura! You are a dear. I've known you for so long now thanks to Keri-Anne. Hope you are well x

  3. I think you are so special Hannah! :) Such a cute lovely post :) adore knowing more about you, I knew 8 things :) hehe

    M xx

    1. And you are as well! Your such a beauty and so talented. Never change. What 8 things did you know? X