The Craft Room Part 2


 Its been some time since I last shared pictures of my craft room/studio with you. In fact the last time I really did was when the room was first finished. Since then the craft room has got better and better. Not only is it a space for me to be creative, it is also a space for me to have all my bits and pieces out. With the help of the boy we have created a perfect get away for me to hide in on those summer evenings and late winter nights.I wanted to share with you some bits and bobs that are in my wonderful space.

- A welcome chalk board
- Some giveaway prizes
- Wedding photos, memories and vintage goodies
- A recent find, a mini vanity case. Little worn but only £5
- The start of my art and photo wall. Some old photobooth pictures of me and Keri-Anne. Hoping to get more of these this year with other friends like Laura and Paul as well.
- My new vintage wicker unit and a record I thrifted
- A broken old Kodak camera
- Flower crown
- New shelving up on the wall thanks to Dad and Lee. Just needs filling now.

We also this weekend found out it is a great place for my folks to sleep when they come to visit. However I was a little worried about them sleeping in there on blow up beds but my mum insisted as she wanted to go Glamping? She called it Glamping as it was camping in style. She is funny. I do believe that in the morning she regretted it as they didn't sleep well, but that didn't stop them coming on a mission with us to get a shelf for the kitchen. I sometimes refer to my kitchen as Harry Potters under the stairs bedroom. It is that small. We went for a shelf but came home with a wonderful vintage wicker unit, a vintage tea trolley and some other bits a pieces. Oh and a couch for our living room for £20! BARGAIN!

I can't thank my folks enough for all that they do for me and Lee and after today they have really helped make our home more orderly. I couldn't ask for better parents. Not only are they my parents they are my friends as well. Love you both.

So after such a productive day I am now laying on our new sofa watching The Mill on TV and I don't think I could be any happier.

Happy Sunday my dear friends.


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  1. So loved seeing all the things that inspire you in your beautiful room. You have such great light in there it seems too!
    I love glamping :) wish i could do it more often too!
    Oh i bet your kitchen is so cute! How lovely you got to pick things out with two of your best friends :)

    M xx