Our adventure to Warwick Castle


This Sunday the boy and I visited the wonderful Warwick Castle. He was lucky enough to win some free tickets whilst out with his cricket buddies on the Saturday night so of course we put them to good use.

It was a wonderful day but the heat was just too much for both of us and we struggled, however we both managed to climb 540 steps (myself nearly having a mild panic attack), watch a bow man shoot some arrows, drink slush puppies, meet some peacocks and just generally have a wonderful day. The castle was beautiful and the inside was even more so. So many old things my heart skipped.

I adore these trips out with Lee. Going on adventures really makes me feel alive and I cant wait for many more adventures with him that I get to share with you all.

Hope you are all well on this wonderful summers evening.

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  1. Fab pics. I love Warwick Castle and so need to make another trip there sometime soon.

    1. It's a great place. It's expensive though. I'm glad you like the photos xx

  2. It's just like out of a fairy tale :) I loved these my dear, you have such an eye. :)

    Madlyn xx