Cake Bunting Fun


Bunting. I can't get enough of it. It decorates any country cottage perfectly. Last year for my birthday I decided to make a cake bunting, just to spruce up my cupcakes. I am now in love with the idea of decorating all cakes with bunting! 

Tonight I decided to make one for you all to see. I had made the mini pom poms previously but you can find tutorials on how to make all sizes of poms poms online. There are many tutorials on how to make them. They are so simple to make and although can be fiddly to put together look great when they are finished and hanging on bunting. The rest is simple. So simple that I won't insult you with instructions on how to do it.

I really hope I have inspired many more of you to make your own cake buntings and if anyone does please do let me know and share, I would love to see what everyone else comes up with.

Here is another bunting I made for my dear Laura's wedding last month.

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  1. In love with the colours!! Pretty <3 xx

    1. Thanks :). It's the same colours I did for my birthday bunting last year.