A package of delights - my winnings from the andsmile giveaway


After the day I have had, coming home to a wonderful package full of goodies was just what this little lady needed.

Recently I won a wonderful giveaway hosted by Viktorija on IG (Yellowfi). She creates the most amazing pieces and her illerstrations, as you can see are beautiful and so unique. I was so pleased to have won such a wonderful prize of £35 to spend on anything I wanted in her shop and as you can see I went crazy. I especially adore her David Bowie badge so had to get myself one of those!

I have been so lucky recently with winning giveaways and I feel so proud to own so many wonderful pieces of art by some truly talented people like Viktorija. You can find her delightful creations on etsy. Click here.

So if you are looking for some wonderful gifts for your loved ones then you should take a peek at her shop. I know I will be going back for more.

Happy Wednesday everyone. Or as my Dad calls it Happy Hump Day.

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  1. what a lovely gift bag of winnings!

    1. Aren't they! I got to choose the things I wanted with my £35 voucher and I think I chose well. X