There In Spirit Part 5 - A day of feeling blessed


I can't get enough of these two girls. Today I feel so incredibly blessed to have the nieces and nephew that I have. Even though these two are not related to me by blood I have such an incredble bond with them. They will me with so much inspiration everytime I am with them that I wonder if my heart my burst with the love that I have for them. 

I really want to make sure this summer is spent doing lots of lovely things with my sisters children and these two fairies. I decided to share with you the things I wish to do with my sisters children and also Keri-Anne's little fairies.

  1. I want to take my sisters kids to the seaside
  2. Have my niece Bethany over for a sleep over
  3. Do a photoshoot with Bethany
  4. Take Callum Strawberry picking
  5. Do a fiary hunt in the Abbey with Keri-Anne and her girls
  6. Have a picnic with Callum, Elle and Mia
Having these moments really make me look forward to the day that I have my own children. I cant wait for the future with Lee and just know everyday will be an adventure that I will cherish forever.

All pictures on this post are taken by Keri-Anne

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  1. I love these shots. keep posting photos of those two girls and your sister kids

    1. Thanks sweetie. I do love doing this feature x

  2. They look like such fun kids!

    1. Oh they really are! Love them.