My Memory Suitcase - A peek inside


After being inspired by Keri-Anne, I decided to share with you all some of the bits inside my memory box. 

Inside I found:

- Lots and lots of photographs and polaroids
- Some bits I made as a child
- My wedding invite to Keri-Anne and Gilles Wedding (Gingerlillytea) and some old photos
- Some baby photos of me
- Some memories from my Sisters wedding
- Some old letters from Laura, an engagement card and the chocolate bags I made for her hen do.
- A stash of old letters, cards and photos from one of my dearest friends Martin, some of this dates back to when I was 13.
- Some paintings my niece did for me when she was little

So as you can tell my box is full to the brim of all sorts, its that full that it has over spilled into other suitcases like this.

Collecting memories is so important to me and knowing I have these boxes for my future children or child to go through really makes me happy. I want to be able to share my life in so many ways and this is just one way I can hold onto those memories forever.
Do any of you have memory boxes? What do you have inside yours?

Have a great evening everyone.

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  1. Memories are fantastic, but it is so nice to have little mementos stashed away too isn't it? Tactile little reminders.

    Love this post, Hannah

    Jem xX

    1. Awww thank you beautiful. I just love collecting memories anyway I can.