My Life Recently


Today has been a sick day. Last night I woke and was sick, I am thinking a slight case of food poisoning. Nothing a good early night won't fix. So as I am sick I thought what better time that to post my My Life Recently feature. It's been a few weeks since my last one and for those that don't follow my IG it's a good chance to see the shots I take of my everyday life.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Do you have anything nice planned? If I am better I am helping my mum sort through her shed of vintage things, visiting my friend Matt and then a girlie night with Keri-Anne and Laura. Sunday is Fathers Day so I shall be spending the day with my amazing Dad on this day I shall be posting up my giveaway and doing a lovely Father's Day post for him.

Keep smiling everyone. X

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  1. Hello sweet Hannah,
    Oh i hope you do feel better soon! Being sick is not fun at all and i'm thinking of you. Right now you are probably in dream land sleeping away...i hope you are resting well.
    The weekend can only be better for you i pray!
    I'm looking after my little neighbor boys for the whole day tomorrow and then on Sunday i'll be joining my family for a Russian BBQ. ;) More to come on that.

    Best wishes sweets,

    1. Awww thanks M. You are such a darling girl. xx