Father's Day


Today has been really lovely. Lee and I love spending days with my folks and today was even more special as it is Father's Day. As a treat we decided we would take a car trip to a place called Kirby Hall in Deene. A wonderful old house with ruins and lots of Peacocks. We spent a few hours walking around the grounds, me doing the usual and snapping some pictures. It was wonderful. We then headed for food. Roast dinner for £3.99 perfect and to finish a ice cream sundae.

I love these moments with my family. Memories I will cherish forever. My Dad is one in a million and I'd be lost with out him and his support. He has been there for me through so much and even better that he got to watch as the man I love proposed to me. I adore him and I will always be a Daddy's girl.

Take a peek at some of the pictures from today, oh and Happy Farther's Day to all Dads out there.

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  1. OMG the house!! This was my first reaction when I saw the picture :D . Happy Father's day to your daddy. He's lovely, may God bless him.

    1. It was wonderful Sarah. You would have loved it x

  2. Oh This place has gone onto my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!