There in Spirit Part 2


 I am starting a brand new feature called There in spirit. Since moving away it has been really hard being away from those I love. Knowing that I am not just around the corner anymore has been difficult. Sometimes it feels like I am missing out on so much. I wish to be able to do more with my niece and nephew and can't wait to have my niece come and stay when the weather is nicer. Callum gets very upset when he is away from home still, unless he is with his Nanny or Grandpa so at the moment we are unable to have him here but having Bethany over is always a treat. I am planning to take them to the seaside this year and cant wait to tell them.

Not only do I miss them but I also miss my other two nieces (not by blood), Elle and Mia. I am very attached to these two girls, Elle especially and not being able to share more moments with them is also a struggle.

Recently Elle and Mia's mummy, Keri-Anne (Gingerlillytea) has started sending my pictures through out their day. Doing this has really made me feel like I am with them and I decided with her agreement that I would do a feature called 'There in Spirit'. I shall post all the pictures that Keri-Anne has sent me through out the girls day and share them with you all here on my blog. 

I have a few exciting giveaways coming up on my blog soon and I can't wait to get crackin with them. Having special posts like this really makes me love blogging even more.

Hope you are all well and enjoy my new feature.

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    1. Thank you for letting me do this. I want to try get my sister envolved as well. x