Thankful and smiling



This evening has consisted of editing pictures, listening to musicals and being really rather happy. I have so much to be thankful for and I just cant stop smiling. I feel inspired to take pictures again and have so many craft projects I want to get going with once my studio is complete.

A dear friend of mine has been teaching me how to edit in Photoshop and its really helped me get my pictures the way I want them to look. Sometimes I feel like people may think I copy Keri-Anne (Gingerlillytea) but I don't. We laugh as we are so similar and sometimes it feels like our brains are one. I wont lie, Keri-Anne's work really inspires me. A few years back we would never have really shared our ideas with each other as we went through a silly childish stage of always wanting things to be our own but we are past this as we have grown up alot and I am glad as being able to share my ideas with her has really helped me move forward in my work. I am grateful for this and thankful.

This year I have many things to look forward to and they are:

- My best friend Laura and Paul's wedding
- Being the photographer for my friend Emily at her wedding
- My beach holiday with the boy and his family
- Summer walks and picnics
- Laying in fields
- Photography shoots with Keri-Anne and the girls
- Taking my Niece and Nephew to the seaside
- Music festivals

Love to all.

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  1. Love you and Keri-Anne so much! I look forward to not just my wedding but to create and share memories with you this year. Must organise our little get away to the seaside too! :) xx

    1. Yes we do. I am taking Bee and Callum to the seaside this year. Really excited. x

  2. I like your photographey, how lucky your friends are! I wish I had a photographer of my wedding as professional as you. Good luck with your projects of this year.

    1. Why thank you Sarah. So kind of you. x