Sunday Childhood Memories Part 2


Some of you are wondering, what does a tattoo have to do with childhood memories and I would say, A LOT. My recent tattoo was for my Grandpa. A man I didn't know for too long as he passed away when I was 5 of cancer, but a man who I have two very fond memories of.

Although I don't really remember too much about him I do remember two things. The sweet jar and the apple tree in the garden.

The Sweet jar is the memory I think of the most. My Nan and Grandpa used to have little jar on the side. Inside this jar were sweets. Whenever we used to visit I would sit and stare at that jar for hours. Grandpa used to find it funny and would ask me "Hannah, is there something in that jar you want" and I would straight away say "Oh no, nothing". Grandpa of course knew I was waiting for a sweet and straight away he would get the jar down and let me take one out. I always remember inside there were always Werthers Originals and humbugs. I would always want both so grandpa would allow me two sweets. I don't know why I remember this so well but I do and it always makes me smile.

A few years ago my Nan gave me that sweet jar and I have decided that I shall be using that jar for my niece and nephew and one day my own children and grand kids.

The reason for my camera tattoo with Grandpa written it is because he gave my dad a wonderful old film camera before he passed away and a few years ago my dad passed that camera on to me. Photography is my passion and I wanted to show that in my tattoo and also dedicate it to a man that gave me one of my most fondest memories.

Having these memories makes a person and sharing them with others always makes me smile immensely and I can't wait to share more with you.

Happy Sunday my dears.

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  1. Memories <3 I like to hear childhood memories, it's the sweetie one. My grandpa always got nuts in his pockets and he used to give us some when we go to my grandparents house, and I used to love this part.