Sharing the love Part 2


Its that time again when I share the love I feel for a wonderful blog. My life is so full of love that its only right to share it with others that fill me with it.

Sharing the love Part 2 is dedicated to the amazing Meghan from Ahoynative.

This blog has fastly become my favourite blog to read. Full of crafty DIYs, fashion and family love. She brings together all the things I adore about blogging and you can tell from what Meghan posts, that she is very passionate.

Sharing her loves and ideas, she is a beautiful soul. With a simply adorable family and photography that smacks you in the face with a 'I LOVE MY LIFE' love tap, Ahoynative is a blog on the up and for me the best.

So until the next Sharing the love feature, go take a peek and come back for Part 3 soon.

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