Happy Birthday Callum



I can't believe it. You have turned 5 today. 5! Where has the time gone? It has flown by. Sometimes I wish I could slow time down.

As I love you dearly and as its a special day, I wanted to share with you all a few thing that I adore about you. Inspired by Ahoynative.

1. The way you pull funny faces when you are annoyed.
2. Your amazing ability to break everything you touch but your even more amazing ability at trying to put things back together.
3. The way you say "Lee is my boy, not yours"
4. How even after knowing me all your life, you are still incredibly shy when I walk through the door.
5. Your hatered for lip balm
6. How you always ask "What have you got me"
7. Your love for using the hoover?
8. I love that when I cant get your tv working you always do it for me.
9. Your new way of counting numbers on your fingers
10. Your love for Lee. It makes me smile inside and out.

 There are so many more things I love about you and although you can be incredibly annoying when constantly asking the same questions, I wouldn't change you for the world. You are a handsome and amazingly clever young man and I can't wait for the future and watching you grow and grow.

Happy Birthday little man.

Love Aunty Hannah & Uncle Lee.

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  1. Just found you through Violet Lulu. :) I can tell I'll be following your blog already. I love your photography. I think that's what usually draws me into blogs. :) And I had to comment on this post cause it's such a sweet one. We think we'll remember all of these little details but somehow time races on. It's so special to have these memories saved. :)

    1. Hello my dear. Welcome. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. Means a lot to me that you have.

      I really hope you enjoy reading from here on in and its a pleasure to share my memories with sweet followers like you. xxx