Easter Love


This weekend has simply been wonderful. Four days off of Easter fun with family and dear friends. Good Friday was spent with me and my boy taking a trip to Ikea to buy some bits for the new craft studio. Saturday was spent at Keri-Annes (Gingerlillytea) house, getting into a terrible mess painting eggs, playing doctors, eating pizza and watching The Little Princess. Sunday, we went to a great vintage fair with my folks. Then we hit the road to spend Sunday afternoon with my sister and co. Easter Egg hunts and chocolate madness, drunk mother and Les Miserables sing alongs. Monday was spent at the Tattoo studio with my boy. We both got brand new tattoos, which of course I shall post about once mine doesn't look like a horrid mess.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend as mine was amazing. I have so much hope and so much to look forward to this year. I feel so blessed.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures :) sounds like a really special weekend! x

    1. Thanks Jade. Really glad you like them. More than happy to come take pictures of babe for you. Let me know xxx