There In Spirit Part 1


 Good evening my fellow bloggers. Today has been a long and tiring one. To say coming home was a relief would be an understatement. Crashing out on my sofa with the boy and watching a cheap rubbish horror was just what I needed. 

Whilst at work today my dear Keri-Anne (Gingerlillytea) decided she would text me pictures of her day with the girls and our best friend Laura (Lulu's Wonderland). It really made my day when I received the first picture from her and from then on I was bombarded with pictures. I wish so much I could have been there to spend the day with everyone but alas work keeps me from having fun, but I was there in spirit and receiving these pictures really made me feel like I was apart of the day.

I am truly a very lucky girl to have the friends that I do and every day I am grateful. Mostly that I have Keri-Anne back in my life. For nearly two years Keri-Anne and I didn't speak (for reasons that are personal to us) and although I missed and she missed two years of each others life's, it did us good as I truly feel we are better than we ever have been. We have both grown and become our own person. We are still incredibly a like but we are also very different. I adore her and couldn't imagine my life without her and the girls and I am blessed to have them. 

My life finally feels complete. I have amazing friends, family and a wonderful handsome boyfriend. What else could a girl wish for.

I hope everyone is smiling despite the cold weather (unless of course you live somewhere hot)

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