Oh my, I've been nominated


This morning I awoke after a simply wonderful first anniversary with my boyfriend to find that my dear friend Maddy (World Of Maddy J) had nominated me for a Liebster award. This is such an honour and I am so grateful to her for this.

The liebster award is awarded to up and coming bloggers with less then 200 followers. My job is to link back to the person that nominated me and answer the questions they have given me. Once I have done this I can nominated my favourite blogs and give them some lovely questions to answer.

Here's my answers to Maddy's wonderful and very fun questions:

1. Would you rather be on the beach or in the forest?
Oh my a forest for sure. I have always dreamt of one day owning my own treetop home. Don't you think that would be simply wonderful. I would spend my time drawing the wild life and listening to the sounds the forest makes. In fact ever since I was old enough to dream about getting married I always dreamt mine would be in a forest setting, like in Robin Hood.
2. Which is you favourite: white chocolate,dark or milk?
I'm not a huge fan of chocolate if I am honest. I could however eat crisps (potato chips) like a pig, but if I was to choose chocolate it would be milk BUT only Cadburys or Kinda.
3. If you had to be in a movie for one day which one would it be?
The first movie that popped into my head when I read this question was The Labyrinth. It is one of my most favourite movies, full of handsome goblin kings, mystical creatures and wonderful music, however to be in it would be different so if I could be in any movie because I love the story so much it would be Cold Mountain. Even though this movie is incredibly sad I find the story beautiful. If you haven't seen it I would advise watching it. 
4. Which would you rather wear: stripes or polka dots?
Stripes, then I would get on my vintage bike and ride around and people would say "Oh my doesn't she look like a French girl with the wind in her hair"
5.If you had to eat only one type of food for a whole year what would you pick?
 Hummmm PASTA! I love pasta. Its my worst enemy though as it makes me terribly bloated but I LOVE IT!
6. What is your favourite animal?
My favourite animal. I have never really thought about it, but I guess a horse. I love them. They are enchanting and they can sense anything.
7.Who makes you laugh?
I have two people who make me laugh non stop. My wonderful boyfriend and my amazing Dad. No matter what they always seem to do something that make me laugh.
8. If you had a totally free day all to yourself, where would you go and what would you do?
If it was possible to do this in one day I would go to Saskatoon, Canada to see all my friends there. Its one of those places I call home.
9. What is your favourite month out of the year?
Hummm I think it has to be September, not only does my birthday fall then but its when Autumn starts to show and this is my most  time of the year.
10. If you could play any musical instrument what would it be?
This is an easy one. Piano. I have always wanted to be able to play. I love the feel of the keys under my figures and one day when I have the time I would like to take lessons, just for my own personal reasons. I have always been a singer and have done many gigs and open mic nights and have always wanted to be able to do both but singing seem to come so much easier to me so I stuck at that. I one day hope to own my own piano and then I can play when ever I want to.
11. You have rented a time machine for the day.  Would you go back in time or forward to the future? 
I spent so much of my life wishing I was in another time of my life or wishing I was older or someone else that I wouldn't want either. I finally feel comfortable in my life. I have an amazing family and boyfriend, friends and I really feel I know where I am going in life that going back or going forward would only take that away from me and well I wouldn't want to miss any day or moment of the life I have now.

Coming up with questions is part of my band review job, but coming up with questions that don't relate to a band was quiet tricky. I just thought, 'what fun questions would I like to answer' and it helped me come up with these.

My nominations are:

5. grey-lace


1. Tell us 5 words that describe you as a person.
2. What do you prefer, sunrise or sunset and why?
3. They say everyone has a soundtrack to their life's, list 3 songs that you think would fit into your soundtrack.
4. Who has been the biggest influence in your life so far.
5. Books or a good movie? If a book what book and why. If a movie what movie and why?
6. If you could have one talent what would it be?
7. What one memory do you have from your childhood?
8. What are your future plans? Where would you see yourself in the next 5 years time?
9. What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
10. What is your favourite smell?
11. What does the word LOVE mean to you?

So there you have it. My nominations and my questions. It was really hard to pick the nominations but I believe I chose well. I hope you can all participate but please do not feel like you have to.

Enjoy and thank you for everyone that is following me so far. I really do appreciate your time.


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  1. i love this! <3 gunna do it soon thanks for the mention! xo

    1. Not a problem sweetie. You deserve it xxx

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me dear!
    Have a wonderful day ^.^

    1. Oh my you are more than welcome my dear.


  3. Aw this sounds ace! :) us liddle bloggers need all the help we can get in this big ol' world!