Surprise Baby Showers


This weekend has been lovely. After a awful day at work on Friday it was really what I needed.

My cousin is due to have a beautiful little baby in March and her closest friends had arranged a friends only baby shower. A surprise baby shower that is. As I know the girls I was invited and I am so glad I was as it was just what I needed and made somewhat broody. The day was full of smiles and laughter and seeing Hollies face when she walked through the door was such a perfect moment. She truly deserved the day and I just know that she will make an amazing mummy. If you were to meet Hollie you know would that there is not one thing about her that you could dislike. She is kind, caring, laid back, and would do anything for anyone, even console me on her bedroom floor at one stage in my life. She is an amazing lady and I am proud to call her my cousin and not just that but my friend as well.

 Auntie Lesley peeking waiting for Hollie to arrive.

Seeing if its a boy or girl. Hollie doesn't want to know but this was a little bit of fun.

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  1. Oh you have such a beautiful little blog! and this baby shower looks like lots of fun :) the coin test worked for me! Hehe! xx

    1. Awww Rosie! Thank you sweetie. Same to you. I love your blog so much you are in my fav bloggers page :). Xxxx

  2. A wonderful little view into your lovely life, Hannah. :) Loved looking at these pics, you really captured the day so well.

    Madlyn xx