Sunday Memories


The weekends seem to fly by at the moment and I wish I had more time. More time to be creative, more time to take pictures, more time to spend with friends and family and more time for me. Lately I have been thinking a lot of fond childhood memories and thought it would be really lovely to share some of mine with you all and hope that you may want to share with me.

When I was child Sundays evenings would always be such a wonderful time. Bath time would be at around 6ish. I would get in a lovely warm bubble bath and mum would be downstairs making some sandwiches for Sunday tea. I could always hear the tv playing downstairs. Antiques Roadshow was a popular Sunday tv show for Mum and Dad and I would sit and listen from the bath. After being in the bath for 20 mins I would get out, wrap the towl around me and open the door. The landing light would always be off and I just remember the cold breeze that I would feel on my face as I opened the bath room door. "RUN" I would tell myself, and across the landing I would go to my bedroom. I always remember that cold tingle I would get as the cold breeze hit my face and hair. I would jump on my bed and curl in a ball to try and warm up before braving the cold to stand naked in my room as I rushed to put my PJs on, giggling as I did it.

 I always smile when I think of how moments like this shaped the person I am today and I am thankful for them.

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  1. Those are such lovely memories...just like a beautiful poem. wonderful sweet pea.

    Madlyn xx