I'm a little black rain cloud


Finding time to be creative is so very hard right now. After work I am just so tired and weekends always seem to be jam packed that I never seem to get time to really sit down and be creative. This will change as soon as my craft room at the bottom of the garden is finished. This weekend the boy and I shall be getting started by purchasing paint etc. I want the room the be really light and airy and I want  a feature wall that I can cover in photos of my family and friends and some art that I love. Once all the painting is done my landlord shall be purchasing me brand new cream carpet. I am so excited to finally have a proper space for being creative in and to have it at the bottom of my little garden is even better. 

Recently as you will see from my previous post it was my dear cousins baby shower. I decided to create her this lovely felt rain cloud I had recently seen on Instagram. It was so simple to make and I really want to make one for my craft room but a lot bigger. I shall be doing a little tutorial on how to make this next time I create one so keep your eyes peeled. 

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  1. Oh, it's so simple but (maybe because of that) so pretty!