Music Enlightens The Soul - Part 1


A lot of us will say we have a soundtrack to our life's and this is something I would most definitely agree with. Be it a love song, I want to die song or just one of those songs that you just cant god damn get out of your head. I truly believe we have music that fits a moment or memory in our life. So it was with great pleasure that I purchased the truly talented Portage & Mains new album 'Never Had The Time' as this is most definitely becoming one of those albums that fits those boring drives to work and really brings me to life in the mornings. One of those albums that make you smile as you see the sun rising over the horizon.

Counting Crows, Mumford & Sons and surprisingly a hint of James Taylor, are the musical influences that spring to mind when listening to the bands new album. Beautiful heart felt lyrics, perfect harmonies and strumming guitars bring these folk rock geniuses new album to life. The words are thought provoking and the images they conjure up remind you of times gone by, good or bad... Lyrics like "As a child I dreamt of great adventure, I knew only the limits of my mind. Like a bird that flies towards the sunrise, those days are falling slowly out of sight.” reminding you that we are all getting older and leaving innocence behind.

Their single, “Never Had the Time,” talks of missing out, “Don’t tell me once, don’t tell me twice, you never had the time. Your worries hold you back my dear, so never will you find…” Quoted from another review I have read about this song: 'The quote is left open ended, allowing the listener to wonder if life is full of hardships, what will you miss out on by protecting yourself or your heart?' This left myself wondering about all the things I myself have passed up on due to worries, again reminding me of moments gone by...

Never Had The Time has left me full and satisfied and surpassed any expectations I had for the new album. I have always been a lyrics kinds of girl, falling apart at the words of songs "This old heart of mine has strings that once were bright and new" Although the lyrics are simple, they are incredibly complex and stir all kinds of emotions that each and everyone of us feel. They are inspiring to say the least and leave me with goosebumps. "It is you that makes me whole"

With a second album as truly spectacular as the likes of this, there is no telling where Portage & Main will go. No matter where this band go they have a long lasting fan in me, they have well and truly marked themselves on my heart. Like a water mark.

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