Little Rain Clouds- DIY


Recently I have been spending a lot of time at my craft desk being once again creative. I spend a lot of time on Instagram or trawling through many blogs getting my next craft fix and I stumbled upon this lovely lady on IG (Hello_Harris) who had posted a picture of this perfect felt rain cloud she had bought. I liked it that much that I decided to make one for myself. From making my first one that I posted in a few posts back I decided I would share with you all how to make mini ones for yourself.

Things you will need:
  • Felt
  • Twine
  • String
  • Stuffing
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Cut the white felt in half and then continue by cutting out your cloud shape making sure you have a front and back piece.

One you have cut out your cloud you then need to cut a piece of twine and make it into a loop. Then when you are stitching the cloud together you insert the ends of the loop inside the cloud ensuring its secure and wont come out as soon as you hang it up. My first mistake was not stitching the twine in properly and when I hung the cloud up it broke.

Add stuffing and finish stitching the cloud closed. Simple right?

Next you will need to cut out your felt rain drops, making sure they aren't too big as this is a mini rain cloud.

 Using a needle and thred, make a knot in the end of the string and attach the little rain drop to the cloud making sure you leave some length to the string so that the rain drop looks like it is falling from the cloud.

Add as many rain drops as you want and at different lenghts. I like to do 3 rain drops having one shorter than the other. Once you have completed this you will have finished. After making your first one you will have got the hang of it and will be able to do more with you trouble at all and they should look like this...

So enjoy and I hope my DIY has inspired you to make your own little rain clouds. Try making your clouds different colours or maybe do lighting bolts instead of rain drops. What ever you feel inspired to do. If you do make some let me know, I would love to see what you come up with.

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  1. I loved these cute little cloud! I'm going to make one for my baby girl's nursery!
    I love felt art. I started making little felt birds when I was pregnant and i think they look beautiful in her nursery.. everybody says i should sell them and i actually created a small shop online, but i'm not even sure i'd be able to do it. I guess i only do that for fun, you know..

    1. Oh you must show me when you have made it. I would love to see it. Oh you should sell them. That would be wonderful. xxx

    2. Maybe I will :)
      Let's do the swap - loved the idea!