Flowers for all princesses


I have always had a lovely for flower crowns and have a fair few of my own but none like the ones the incredibly talented Forever Flower Child creates. Full of colour, they sit on a girls head and a Princess is born.

As a child I grew up pretty much a tom boy, playing in the streams, catching frogs and making mud pies. However as I got older I have become so much more girlie and my love for flower crowns blossomed a summer ago. I adore them and have a fair few myself now.

Recently I became very good friends with a beautiful girl in Australia and she started telling me of her friend who makes beautiful flower crowns. Of course my face lit up and I dashed straight over to the facebook page to take a peek and boy was I in love. From the most simplest of crowns to the most flamboient, Forever Flower Child makes stunning hair pieces that would suit any type of princess. The only downside is that she doesn't yet sell outside the UK but I am hoping in time I can change her mind... HOPE, PLEED AND BEG!

So if you are a lovely of beautiful flower crowns and want to add to your collection then head on over to her facebook page and take a peek and maybe if enough of us none Aussies beg hard enough she may sell to the world.

Photography taken by: Kara Wilkinson Phish Photography

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  1. i love that first picture! beautiful, beautiful indeed

    1. I know the girl who took them is so talented x