The branches have traded their leaves for white sleeves


Snow has been falling today and its simply beautiful. I love how it covers everything like a white blanket. Oh it sparkles when the sun hits and when the wind blows it dances in the sky.

Tomorrow I shall be taking my camera and tripod and taking a little walk in the snow. I fancy taking some decent pictures. I shall be waiting for the boy to finish work first so in the morning I am going to give the house a clean up and start writing letters to my dear friends in Canada.

As its been snowing I thought I would share a song by a singer I interviewed back in December 2011 called Sleeping at Last. His voice and lyrics are just so so wonderful and every song of his is simply perfect. So please take a peek at the video below and come back tomorrow to see some of the pictures I take out in the snow.

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  1. sleeping at last is perfect <3
    also, I love your blog! :)

    1. I was so lucky that I got to interview him and its nice to hear someone else loves him as much as I do. Thank you for such a lovely comment xx