Saturday adventures


Today has been a crazy day and I enjoyed some me time this morning. I decided that I would go out into the snow and take pictures. Recently I have been feeling really lost when it comes to my photography but today I really feel like I know which way I am going. I really want to focus on more documentry style shots. I want to sway away from planned shoots and just enjoy taking pictures that come to me at that moment. Although I have a few shoots planned with people, when it comes to my own personal collection I am really going to focus on the sort of shots I have done today. 

Tomorrow I am off to Birmingham as long as this snow holds up. I am going to a bridel show with Laura & Keri-Anne. I am really looking forward to it and just hope I can get to the train station. So all my fingers and toes are crossed.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

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