Fond memories


Its Sunday and the sun has been shining. I have had a lovely weekend and the only thing that makes me sad is that it goes so fast. Alas its not over yet and I am enjoying an afternoon of blogging and watching Babe on the TV, which is bringing back some wonderful childhood memories. Sometimes I wish I could step back in time to that moment of happieness.
My weekend:

-Warm beef & dumbling stew
-Burning fires
-Vintage jumble sales
-Family love
-Old friends and wedding photography talk
-Pizza madness with my boy
-Water For Elephants
-Mini eggs
-Kisses and cuddles
-Breakfast in bed
-Cats at my bedroom window
-Babe on the TV
-Lots of photo taking

As you can see a very busy weekend indeed and tonight the boy selects out of the hat a winner of my Instagram Giveaway that has been going for a week and finished last night. Excited. For now please take a peek at some of the pictures I took this morning.


I have finially put up some of my beautiful Ella Wolfnoth drawings. They look beautiful in my hall into my bathroom. So pleased.


Some vintage padded material hangers. Cost me £2 for 8. I love vintage jumble sales.

My new pastel colours cardigan and my new vintage PJ case.
We had a little visitor. Tabasco, our landlord's cat still thinks he lives in our house. They moved into the house next door you see, so oftern he comes to our window and meows to come inside.
For my birthday this year my darling Keri-Anne made me a wonderful paper boat mobile. Isn't she clever. She also for Christmas made me this lovely little bunny called Willow. I am lucky to have her in my life.

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