I adore thee Vol 1.


I have decided that I shall be doing my own volumes and sharing flickr pictures that I adore and have inspired me the most over the past years, months and days. I find sometimes I have real blocks on inspiration and just can't seem to take the pictures I want to, so I venture on to flickr and over the years I have found so many photographers who have helped me out of these sticky patches. I tell myself "Hannah you're just having photography block, something similar to writers block. You will be back again soon" and I give myself that break and stop trying and the pictures just seem to appear out of no where.

I thought instead of just sharing random pictures, I would do these volumes in themes. So todays theme I have chosen 'Love and Walk Into The Light'. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration as well.

By Bee hives
By Gingerlillytea 

By Loretoidas
By inmost_light

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  1. The first and third pictures have made my heart flutter, you've captured such beauty!

    1. Oh I am pleased you think so. Some of my most favs. If you high light under the picture it will tell you who took them. X

    2. Jem do you think you could give me tips on how to get people to look at your blog?

    3. Hey Hannah, I think you're already streets ahead on the beautiful content front - who wouldn't want to pass a few moments in such a dreamy online space?! I found that having a Twitter and a Facebook page for my blog was helpful - popping up a tweet or a photo whenever I blog. I've often found that people find me through keyword searches on google too - like 'vintage teacups' or 'charity shopping' so make sure you use the little 'labels' feature in blogger to tag your posts with what they're about :-)

      I'm certain it won't be long until more people stumble upon you, pop a photo or two up on instagram with a link to your blog! :-)

      Jem xXx

    4. Jem you are a star and a beauty. Thank you for sharing with me. I am grateful xxx