Wednesday Wish Day


Etsy. My other little obsession. Its full of such wonderful creations that I wish I could buy. Its a treasure chest of delights and full of inspiration for my own creative creations. Recently I put together a wish list and I shall be linking it to my pintrest as soon as I get the time.

Finding the energy recently has been really hard and of an evening I come home and just want to crash out on the sofa with the boy and watch tat on the tv. I have decided to post as and when I can. I don't just want to post for the sake of posting but post because I have something wonderful to share. Most my posting shall be done over the weekends but I shall do as much as I can in the week providing I have something decent to talk about.

For now I shall share a few delights from my ETSY wish list. I hope you are all having a wonderful morning, day or perhaps weekend? Enjoy. x

A recent purchase for my Ipad mini:

Things on my wish list:

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  1. love all those things my dear! such great finds. :) thank you for you sweet comment on my blog. I have been meaning to stop by yours and follow you but it has been busy at my house and i could seem to get there. but here i am and i'm following you now dear.

    sorry i don't have an easier way to follow my blog. all you have to do is add me to your reading list on your blogging dashboard (that is the page it comes up with when you first sign on to you blog i think). there is a little "add" button on the sidebar. you just have to put my blog's url in the box and your done! :) hope you can find it. let me know.

    M xxx

    1. Oh M you are wonderful. Thank you so much. Can't wait to share more of my blog with people like you. As you know I am trying to sway away from IG as I find its causing me to obsess over things. I want to concentrate on my blog and other parts of my life xxx

  2. The felted little deer is just beautiful, who wouldn't love one to sit upon their bedside table or windowsill? Gorgeous!

    Jem xXx

    1. Oh I know. It's really cheap as well so was thinking of ordering one for my bedroom :) xxxx