Our love for Sudocrem

As a mummy, I am always on the look out for great products to protect my babies skin. I've used Bepanthen and Burts Bees nappy rash cream, but for me Sudocrem is by far our favourite cream for protecting Elliott from nappy rash. Good old Sudocrem. It was used on my tiny butt as a baby and now we use it on my little Elliott's butt. For some Sudocrem might be a little thick but now with this new version its a lot easier to apply as it is more of a ointment. I also love that it comes in an easy open bottle, ready for those more energetic nappy changes.

Over the past few weeks we have been testing this new product from Sudocrem. Elliott has never really suffered from nappy rash but as soon as I notice a slight change out came this bottle. Only a small amount is needed to cover the affected area and we noticed a change the next time it came to changing Elliott's nappy. It really is a great product that I highly recommend to all mummy and daddy's and as you can see Elliott loves it, so head to your local chemist or supermarket and grab your own bottle of this wonderful product.

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Dear Daddy - 1st Fathers Day

Dear Daddy,

We just celebrated your first Fathers Day. We went for a lovely picnic and I slept amongst old ruins right next to the river, whilst you and mummy ate sandwiches and talked.

I am so lucky to have a Daddy that always makes me laugh. I like that we have matching hats and that you say Whassup in a funny voice and it makes me laugh. I love looking at the funny pictures on your arms and your funny faces you pull. I love watching Sport with you and playing with my toys with you. I am sorry I puke on your shoulder some times and that I have pooped over you more times than I should.

My favourite thing to do with Daddy is sleep in the nook of his neck and shoulder.

You are my best friend, my hero and my Daddy. xxx

Today I Felt Beautiful - Oxeye Daisies

I have decided to start my own photo series over the next year. Originally my idea was to do self portraits during the seasons but as England struggles to get seasons right, ones that portray the true vision of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I thought instead I would just do self portraits in different flowers, trees, long grasses etc.

Since having Elliott I have been trying really hard to boost my confidence and part of that is learning to love myself. As vain as it maybe to take pictures of yourself, I find it helps me to realise that the image I have of myself is far from the real me, what others see. Being able to take a picture of myself surrounded one one of the things I love the most I feel, will really help with my self esteem and if that means being vain and standing amongst beautiful flowers and snapping a few photos of myself then so be it. I want to learn to love who I am and how I look, from my thin hair, my baby flab, scars and my square shaped head.

I have decided to call the series, TODAY I FELT BEAUTIFUL. A photo journey of a girl learning to love herself inside and outside.


The past few months have flown by and so many exciting things have happened. One in pirticular is, I am now a test and keep mummy for the amazing shop Kidly. I love working with companies like this to review such wonderful products. Basically, KIDLY ask you what sort of products you are currently in need of and then they add you to the list for those products. Once you review one, you have a deadline to test the product then complete a review form for them. Simple.

Our first product arrived a few weeks ago and we were so delighted to open the package and find two wonderful PEBBLE rattles inside. PEBBLE are a wonderful company who create handmade, fair trade crochet and knitted childrens toys.

I love PEBBLE and it wasn't till I had received the rattles that I realised that our dear friend Aimee had already given us a PEBBLE rattle, so I knew the quality would be perfect and I wasn't disappointed. The rattles are delightful and as you can see Elliott loves the rabbit rattle the most. His little hands love to cling onto the leg or arm of the rattle, perfect for learning to hold babies. Elliott's bunny comes every where with us and I am sure it is one of his favourite toys now. Knowing that this product was made by a fair trade company makes me feel great.

You can read my reviews below.


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Prince Jareth

Prince Jareth, was tall and regal. His clothes made of the finest velvet. A long tale coat with a ruffle collar. By his side his steed, Percy. A pure white horse with eyes like crystal. He took super with the deer folk and loved to whistle a merry tune. He loved parties especially masquerade balls.

Prince Jareth was a brace Prince and one day he decided it was high time he took a new adventure with Percy. "I think today I shall venture to the forest of talking Oaks" Yes a forest of talking Oaks. It had been a long time since the Prince had visited his Oak friends and what better time to do. He would tell them all about the little boy Elliott, who he met on his last adventure.

If only Prince Jareth knew what would lay before him as he set off on his steed...


Doll created by Inorog Dolls

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Ayla & Adam - A new adventure

Watching a wonderful couple get married is such an honour and if I had known I would tear as much as I did at this wedding I'd have packed my bag with tissues. Alas I sat there and I teared as they shared their love with everyone they care about and felt blessed to have been a part of it. Two wonderful people taking that step to spending the rest of their lives together. A new adventure awaits them and I can't wait to be around to watch them grow as a couple.

The day was really lovely. Pretty pastel flowers, a cake to die for with a hint of Studio Ghibli, a beautiful Church, pretty shabby chic bunting and lace covered jars which I gave Ayla to decorate the reception with. Was so nice to see something I had worked hard making go to good use again. The bride sparkled and the groom had the biggest grin on his face all day. It couldn't have been any better for them.

Although I wasn't their photographer for the day as I am too nervous to do weddings, I took photos anyway. I wanted them to have photos through different eyes. So when we arrived at the reception I dragged them off to some cows parsley and stood them amongst it. Would you believe this was at the side of the road, eeeek. I am so pleased I managed to capture some of the day for them, and even though some of the photos aren't always in focus or perfect, I don't think that matters. I tried to capture the natural moments and I like to think I did that for them.

Congratulations to our lovely friends Adam and Ayla. Here is to many adventures.

I shall leave you one of my favourite quotes - "It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to"