So long, farewell... Taking a break

I have been thinking about the future of my blog and after a few weeks of thinking about it, I have decided to have a break from the world of blogging to take time out to focus on my family and my shop. Over the past few weeks I just haven't found the time to commit to writing or planning posts. My shop orders have been coming in and they are time consuming and for me that is more important.

Maybe I will return in a week, maybe a month, year, or maybe never. Right now I just don't know. Thank you to all those who have supported my blog by reading it and all those that encourage me every day.

If you still want to follow my world of adventures with my little family and my little shop please search for me on instagram.


I also have a shop on big cartel: Under The Magic Willow Shop

So this is goodbye for now and with that I leave you with the words of Bilbo Baggins. "I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE"

Elliott & His Coyote

Since having Elliott I have had the joy of working with such wonderful companies and small business to help promote their wonderful brands and creations. Its always a pleasure capturing Elliott with these products but one small business I love is Dito Koukla Creations.

Before Elliott was born we were sent this wonderful Coyote doll and as some of you may have seen over on my IG he has featured a lot. He sat waiting in Elliott's cot for the day he arrived and has been there ever since keeping his eye on Elliott has he sleeps.

I thought I would create a short video of Elliott in the garden with his Coyote. It was really lovely just filming and capturing Elliott in his own little world. He really is such an alert baby and one thing I have noticed is he loves being under a tree with the light pouring through the branches and leaves. He is definably our son and loves being outside as much as we do and what better place for him to play with his coyote than in the garden on a handmade patch blanket with the sun shining behind the tree and the flowers blooming nicely.

Elliott and his Coyote from Hannah Stocker on Vimeo.

If you would like to work with me on a product shoot or if you would like a little video created of your product please do get in touch by emailing: I would love to hear from you.

We're In The Garden

Summer has arrived all so suddenly here and I am taking advantage of this great weather and spending time in my garden pottering about. Pruning the roses, taking cuttings to have in the house, catching rainbows, keeping cool in Elliott's paddling pool and dinner in the cooler evening air.

Elliott and Lee haven't been very well so whilst Lee hides inside resting, I have been getting Elliott outside for a few minutes of fresh air. Watching the clouds roll by and the light peep through the blossom tree. The outdoors is a great big sensory for babies and I love showing Elliott all the flowers I have grown and letting him feel the leaves and grass on his toes.

I love our garden, the over grown shambles that it is. I have really started to tackle it and next February I intend on planting wild flower seeds and trying my hand at growing my own. Learning online about hot to grow them yourself and what soils etc are best. Its really interesting.

Elliott's like & dislikes

Elliott has been in the world just over 4 months . I still can't believe how fast he is growing. Every day he surprises me with how much he is learning. From finding his voice, which is rather loud, to trying his first piece of banana. Although I don't intend on feeding him food just yet, but I wanted to see how he felt about the texture. No rush of course and I want to try baby led weening so the closer to 6 months the better.

I thought today I would share some more of Elliott's likes and dislikes.

Things Elliott likes:

1. Falling asleep snuggled into your shoulder
2. Elliott loves his Jumparoo
3. Being naked (he used to hate it)
4. Watching Disney movies with Mummy
5. Charlotte and the girls
6. Bath time
7. Being picked up and put up in the air by Daddy
8. Calling him poopy pants
9. Laughing at everything

Things Elliott doesn't like:

1. Being on his back
2. Being craddled
3. Being crowded
4. Really loud noises

Today I Felt Beautiful - We are Princesses

I stood here for awhile just looking into the distance. I smiled to myself and whispered, WOW. Just being in that space in that moment, on my own, I felt free. Free to sing, free to run and free to think all the happy thoughts I wanted.

I felt beautiful... because beauty isn't always about looking your best on the outside but also feeling your best on the inside.

I am so pleased with this series I have started so far and even more pleased that over on instagram, other mummy's and non mummy's have started to tag pictures to my little hash tag. I am pleased that I could inspire them to share a time when they felt truly beautiful. All girls should feel beautiful.

My wonderful friend and Elliott's pen friend, Forest's mummy Steph as also joined in with this series. Her photos are truly wonderful and of course she is beautiful in them. Please do take a peek here: The Reymond Tribe

'All women are princesses, it is our right.' - A Little Princess

Today I Felt Beautiful - My mind is a battle field

I have always been one to worry. Big things, small things, it really doesn't matter. I worry about it all. My mind is a jumble of all the things I am trying to do and be, if you could step inside my head it would be like walking in to a battle. I long continues battle that some days ease but at the best part its loud. So so loud.

I want to start a change my mind, master the art of just being. No trying to be anything or do everything. To calm this storm that consumes my thoughts. I want to dive into my stitchings, watch my childhood movies, take long hot bubble baths when Elliott has gone to bed, write and just remember what it felt like to not have all these worries.

Tomorrow I am going to start these changes. Stop pushing myself to be a success in all that I imagine will make me a better person and just take myself as I am because really I am the best at what I hold dear, being a daughter, friend, wife and most of all a mother. Elliott is my future and what ever that entails I must put aside my insignificant worries and be strong for him, for he is mine, my sweet little wolf who loves me for all that I am, including my worries and battle field mind.

Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.
William Shakespeare