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Zoe & Evelina - A mothers love


A spontaneous photoshoot, completely unplanned, well kinda. I did happen to take my camera along on our visit to my old school friend Zoe's and heck who doesn't like taking photos of a doting mother and her cutie of a little princess. Such a pleasure to capture a few quick photos of them and I always say the best photos are those unplanned ones. This is why I love what I do, documentary style photos are my passion and I can't wait to practise some more on other unsuspecting friends that I happen to plan a get together with.

So, Zoe and I have been pals since middle school and although we ended up going to completely different upper schools, her brother became one of my childhood best friends, so through our early teens we spent a lot of time together. We have experienced some amazing moments with each other and now I can to see her grow in love with her own baby. What a treat.

Today has been one of those days were you really appreciate those who are around you, those that take the time to listen to your deepest thoughts. Who are there to remind you that its OK to be a mess and not be perfect. Zoe has been one of those that with out her, today would have probably been one of those days of feeling crazy anxious about the year ahead so thanks Zoe, you beautiful girlie you.


A Year Full Of Love


Twenty Sixteen. How to sum you up? Goodness, I think if I had to choose one word it would be 'love'. A year full of love. We entered 2016 with the unknown at our front door. Elliott was due in March and being a mummy and daddy was an exciting but a scary prospect. But March came so quick we didn't have time to be scared for long. 

After a long and dramatic birth my little Wolf was born and how time has just seemed to dash passed us and now our little Elliott has entered into 2017 nearly 10 months earth side of the womb. He has grown and changed so much in such a short time. His hair is growing so much longer and is this wonderful white blonde. He has such soft skin but also patches of dry like his Mummy, he loves to drag himself around the living room and bath time, well he loves a splash about in the bath so much so that the floor ends up the bath. He is growing into a cheeky and funny little boy who loves attention, a bit like his Mummy. His favourite person is Daddy.

I can't believe that in two months our Wolf will be 1 year old and I can't wait to share this next year with you all. I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of 2016 with you all. All of Elliott of course.

Happy New Year all.

all of my days photography

Autumn Light & Family Love - Holly, Garry, Amelia & Ethan


Autumn blesses us with the most beautiful warm light. It pokes is golden head through the trees and prepares to look its best in the late afternoon and for this shoot, it did not disappoint and although we the winter chill was setting in it didn't stop this shoot from being lovely. This time I got to work with my wonderful cousin Holly and her adorable little family. We walked in the low sun, chucked leaves in the hair, pulled funny faces and even little Amelia wasn't going to let the cold spoil her time in front of the camera. Lots of family love going on in these photos.

I adore working with families and although I am not the best at directing, its always nice when a family just goes off into their own world and lets me capture them in that natural way. Roll on 2017, I am ready for the year to start and for more wonderful moments like these.

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A wreath to be proud of- Wreath making with Bareblooms


Picture this. A cosey country cottage, Sufjan Stevens Christmas album playing in the back ground, festive treats, mulled wine, a sun room full to the brim of green foliage and a table full of like minded creative ladies. This was the setting for the wonderful wreath making class I was invited to by the green fingered and talented Chloe of Bareblooms.

Sipping hot warm tea and later yummy alcohol free muled wine, we all got stuck into making our wreaths. The table full of moss, foliage, berries, dried hydrangeas, ivy, holly and more.  What I like about Chloe is that she only ever uses what that season provides and she is also very conscious of the earth, making sure that as much of what is used is biodegradable. Guilt free wreath making.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful class. Being surrounded by such lovely ladies one of which was the lovely Susan, a fellow blogger, we got up mischief at the end of the table with our cameras in hand. Each lady put their heart and souls into creating their own unique wreaths. Oh and the ginger muffins were so yummy.

So here is my wreath. I like to think its just what a Hobbit would have hanging on their door and although its not Chrissmy I love it. Due to using some dried flowers I have been unable to leave it on our front door which is ok because as you can see our front door needs some serious TLC.

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