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Being Professioal - JORD Wood Watches


Its the new year and for me that meant a new start and taking the big step and becoming my own boss. As some of you know, last November I started the process of setting up my own photography business and in January I finally registered with the big old tax man and its then that it all felt real. I am an established new business.

I was contacted by JORD wood watches to see if I would like to review one of there gorgeous watches from their ladies collection. Of course I said yes & now I am a business lady, that sounds funny when I read out loud, I know that I need to be professional and it occurred to me that getting out your mobile whilst working a wedding doesn't look very professional.

After having a peek at their collection I decided that the best watch for me was the wonderful Reece Walnut & Navy watch

When the watch arrived I was wowed immediately. It came in a wonderful crafted wooden box that even has a little draw in the bottom so that you can keep bits and pieces inside like the cleaning cloth and extra links for the watch. The watch its self is stunning and unique. I have never seen a wooden watch before so this for me is a real treat and already I have had lots of people asking me where I got it from and how wonderful it looks. Although it was a little big for me due to my own fault in providing incorrect measurements, it was so simple to take links out and with the help of my Dad it was sorted in no time at all and I have been wearing it ever since. I truly am very impressed with JORD watches and can't wait to wear it to all the weddings I have coming up this week, I just know it will help me keep track of time perfectly.

If you would like to own your own wonderful wooden JORD watch like mine, then you maybe in with a chance as they currently have a great contest to win a $100 e-gift code to their site! And all other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code at the close of the contest. So head over to the below link to enter but be quick as the Contest ends at 11:59 CST 12/03/17 and both gift codes expire 18/06/17.

Thanks JORD Watches for sending me such a stunning watch, I now feel all professional and business lady like.  

Watches Made From Wood

(This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own)

all of my days photography

Grayson Winter Wolfe


One of the things I love about my job is this. Photographing fresh and new to the world babies. I won't lie it makes me broody. I love being able to capture their first days in this scary world and capture their innocence. Their unknowing minds.

This weekend I got to meet my Pal and fellow blogger Laura and her husband Paul's brand new bundle of cuteness, Grayson Winter Wolfe and of course I just had to take some pictures of him laying in the lovely light beaming through the curtains. Grayson has the thickest dark head of hair, the tiniest ears, hands and nose and I just couldn't help but smell all the baby fresh smells.

Being able to capture these moments for people to cherish forever is what makes it makes my job the best job in the world and I can't wait to do more over the next year.

Naomi & Bump - My first milk and flower bath


Model: Naomi & Flower crown and foliage provided by BareBlooms

Creating memories for others is so so important to me, especially for mothers to be. Becoming a mother you understand what it is to mean to LOVE. A love that is different to any other and my aim this year is to capture mothers to be in a unique and personal way.

For a long time I have always wanted to create milk and flower baths with mothers, either pregnant or with their new borns. I was always so scared to do them as I wasn't sure how I would be around a naked person or in fact I worried more that I wouldn't be able to put this brave women exposing herself to me at ease. Gosh I was wrong, being scared only made me work harder to ensure that this wonderful beautiful person standing bare before me, was comfortable. I think straddling the bath with a dress on helped. I forget that although I don't see myself how others do, that really if I just be myself I get the results I want and that the mother wants.

I am so lucky that I get to call this my job and on this shoot I got to work with my dear dear friend Chloe. A flower genius. I recently did a wreath making class with her. We have fastly become the greatest of friends and this year we plan on working together a lot. Like myself she is obsessed with flowers, the only difference is, she knows what she is talking about.

This year is all about working with great people, building a portfolio and boosting my very low confidence and I must say this shoot really has helped in those areas.

If you would like to see more of my work I am currently working on a online portfolio. Please do take a peek and if you are interested in booking me for a unique maternity shoot please please get in contact.

My portfolio

Just to bring me back again


Gonna be someone
Gonna give something
I'm taking it on
I'm taking it on
It's gonna be my life
So I'm gonna live each day
And each night
I'm taking it on
I'm taking it on

So I'm gonna be stronger
I'm gonna be better made

I'm gonna give everything
Just to bring me back again

I'm gonna be a braver soul than this
I'm gonna jump at all those
Many chances that I've missed
I'm gonna live my life beyond
These fears and forms of cowardice
That keep leading me on
I'm gonna shine out like a beacon in the night
I'm gonna wrap my fingers 'round the stars tonight
'cause I'm taking it on
'cause I'm taking it on

Cause I cant keep hiding
I cant keep hiding
I cant keep running away

So I'm gonna be stronger
I'm gonna be better made
I'm gonna give everything
Just to bring me back again

And I'm gonna be stronger
And I'm gonna be better made
And I'm gonna give everything

Just to bring me back again

all of my days photography

Zoe & Evelina - A mothers love


A spontaneous photoshoot, completely unplanned, well kinda. I did happen to take my camera along on our visit to my old school friend Zoe's and heck who doesn't like taking photos of a doting mother and her cutie of a little princess. Such a pleasure to capture a few quick photos of them and I always say the best photos are those unplanned ones. This is why I love what I do, documentary style photos are my passion and I can't wait to practise some more on other unsuspecting friends that I happen to plan a get together with.

So, Zoe and I have been pals since middle school and although we ended up going to completely different upper schools, her brother became one of my childhood best friends, so through our early teens we spent a lot of time together. We have experienced some amazing moments with each other and now I can to see her grow in love with her own baby. What a treat.

Today has been one of those days were you really appreciate those who are around you, those that take the time to listen to your deepest thoughts. Who are there to remind you that its OK to be a mess and not be perfect. Zoe has been one of those that with out her, today would have probably been one of those days of feeling crazy anxious about the year ahead so thanks Zoe, you beautiful girlie you.


A Year Full Of Love


Twenty Sixteen. How to sum you up? Goodness, I think if I had to choose one word it would be 'love'. A year full of love. We entered 2016 with the unknown at our front door. Elliott was due in March and being a mummy and daddy was an exciting but a scary prospect. But March came so quick we didn't have time to be scared for long. 

After a long and dramatic birth my little Wolf was born and how time has just seemed to dash passed us and now our little Elliott has entered into 2017 nearly 10 months earth side of the womb. He has grown and changed so much in such a short time. His hair is growing so much longer and is this wonderful white blonde. He has such soft skin but also patches of dry like his Mummy, he loves to drag himself around the living room and bath time, well he loves a splash about in the bath so much so that the floor ends up the bath. He is growing into a cheeky and funny little boy who loves attention, a bit like his Mummy. His favourite person is Daddy.

I can't believe that in two months our Wolf will be 1 year old and I can't wait to share this next year with you all. I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of 2016 with you all. All of Elliott of course.

Happy New Year all.