Since Elliott was born, we have always swaddled him when going to bed at night. It recently came to my attention that we wont be able to swaddle him for too much longer due to the fact that when he learns to roll, swaddling just wont be safe any more. Elliott is still only two months but it is always in my head that eventually we will need to ween him off of swaddling and that can be as hard as weaning a baby off a dummy. I wanted something that would make him feel secure but also allow him the use of his arms, so when rolling over he was able to push himself back if needs be.

I recently came across the shop Mama Designs Ltd who sell the most adorable baby sleeping bags called BABASAC. The great thing about these baby sleeping bags is that this one comes with two different togs. 1.0 and 2.5. Just unzip the inside layer and you have a light weight bag, great for the warmer months. This saves you so much money. It gives baby plenty of room to move their legs but also keeps them secure so they feel snug, with under the arm poppers to keep babies arms from sudden movements. They come in great patterns as well, my favourite of course was this apple print. Its so fun.

We have started Elliott on the road to weaning him off swaddling and I couldn't be happier with this wonderful sleeping bag for him to move into. We already use it during day time naps and he loves it.

I highly recommend this brand so head over to Mama Designs Ltd and grab your own.

The Three Musketeers - Life Recently

I never realised how different life could be until this little wolf joined the pack. Life has gone from great to blooming amazing, and that includes the joy I get every time he does a nappy seeping poop. Our adventures recently have been the best they could ever be because we are no longer just Hannah & Lee, we are Mummy & Daddy. We are the The Three Musketeers.

We have seeked out bluebells, pressed flowers in the garden, danced to records turning on the record player and had some of the best naps. Every morning we wake up and Elliott smiles at us, I know we are doing a damn fine job and although I said I would never let being a mummy consume me or even my blog, I have decided to just let it happen because being a mummy has finally given me some purpose in this world. It has pushed me to want more from life. I have even more of a lust for life and I can't wait to live it with my two boys by my side.

We are The Three Musketeers and we are on the best adventure.

Oh My I Wants

Getting back into the swing of things here in the Barnes house and that includes blogging. Since the start of the year I haven't really been blogging regularly but I really want to start again. Having a baby has of course changed my life some what but I have so many plans and ones that I can't wait to share with you.

It has been a long time since I shared with you all the things on my wish list. So hey, enjoy. I have found some great bits recently and of course its all baby related goodies.

How I love harem pants for babies and toddlers. They are just too darn cute. I recently came across this great pair made by A Little Pinch Of Colour. I love the patten. Its so hard to find anything like this in shops in the UK.

I have recently been looking for some soft blankets for Elliott to use on the grass in the garden. Something he would be comfortable on whilst staring at the clouds. I came across Charley Charles Shop who sell the loveliest blankets for little ones.

Oh what I could keep in this wonderful traveller pouch made by Jenna Rose Handmade. I really would love a new makeup bag, not that I wear much make up, but still, I want it. I love the woodland and cabin design and I feel its perfect for my love of the woods and how much I would love to live in them.

I have been searching for some hooks to hang low down in Elliott's bedroom and I found this wonderful wall mount made by Handmade Group. I can see his little hats and coat hanging off of this nicely.

Babe In The Woods

Life really has been different since Elliott arrived. When I say different what I really mean is, amazing! Yes its hard work but two months in and I really feel we are starting to get the hang of this parenting lark. Ok so we haven't got to grips with everything and their have been times when we have had to change Elliott's nappy in the boot of the car but hey no one is perfect, especially in the world of parenting.  We want Elliott to experience it all and have tried to fit him into our world but of course sometimes that means a screaming baby being changed in the car. One thing we really need to learn is to plan our days ahead as much as we can.

Today's adventure took us in search of blue bell woods. I had heard all about Badby Woods being full of them at this time of year and as they were only 20 mins up the road we decided to head out. I wanted to scout the area for a photoshoot I have coming up with two little fairy girls that live a door down from me. As soon as we pulled up I knew it would be the perfect spot. The ground was covered with thousands of bluebells and wonderful little white flowers. Of course I couldn't pass up on the chance to lay Elliott down in the flowers and snap his picture.

He is such a good boy and laid there peacefully until he had enough of being on his back and decided he wanted to be picked up, which of course we do. I don't want Elliott to be reduced to tears just because I have a passion for taking photos. He is far more important than a photo.

I decided that I would capture the walk in a little film, as its been so long since I did any filming. 

Life really is wonderful with my two boys and although some days I want to run and hide and feel like an awful mother for getting stressed, I wouldn't change anything. We are the three musketeers and I cant see life getting any better than this.

Callum my nephew, our little man.

Don't change our little man, grow with time, take in every moment and embrace adventure. Be young whilst you can. Hold on to that innocence. Laugh at stupid things, ask questions, collect memories, remember the special moments you are given. Take chances, make mistakes, never forget. Run with the wind little man. Life is full of adventure, seek it, want it, reach out and grab it. 

Roll down the car wind and let the wind catch your breath, swim in the seas, watch many sunsets, run in the fields, stare at the stars with eyes wide open. 

Be who you dream to be. A astronaut, fireman or even a postman, just slow down, do not rush. The world can wait a little while longer for you to grow.  

Samson & The Little Girl Who Always Said "Hello"

Photos by All Of My Days Photography

At the bottom of the garden you will find wild flowers a plenty, mischievous ladybirds and a cheeky ginger cat who liked to sleep amongst the uncut winter grass but thats not all you can find at the bottom of the garden. If you look close enough you will see a tiny bear no bigger than your hand.

This bear was no ordinary bear for his body was covered in flowers and toadstools. Up his back grew tiny little toadstools and on his front little tiny flowers. He was in camouflage and his name, well his name was Samson. A kind sweet bear who loved to blend in with the wild flowers, who adored the tiny creatures that came and sat on his toadstool back.

He would tell them of his many adventures at the bottom of the garden, like his chance meeting with the pretty Robin bird that sat on the fence every morning and how the Robin warned him of the cheeky ginger cat that was close by. He talked about the time he once was brave enough to peer into the strawberry bush were the caterpillars lived and how he wished he could venture into the top of the garden and talk to the little girl with beautiful blonde hair who always said "Hello" to everyone. Oh how he longed to be big enough to play hide and seek with her but of course Samson was far too small. Sometimes he would love little flower crowns that he made for her and watch as she would find them. Oh how she smiled as she rushed back inside to show everyone what she had found.

Samson longed to be a big bear and many nights would dream of how wonderful it would be to finally be able to play with that beautiful blonde haired girl who always said "Hello"...

(Bear created by Wolphelia - www.wolphelia.com- WEBSITE COMING SOON. Find them on Instagram by clicking here)

Successful Baby Wearing

Success! Yesterday afternoon we tested out my brand new stretchy sling made by Snugi Wraps and I can safely say it is my favourite of all the slings I own. Its so easy to use and so comfortable as well. Although my first attempt found me walking around my village in an anxious mess as I hadn't done the wrap tight enough and I felt like Elliott was uncomfortable, my second attempt was a lot less dramatic. Wouldn't be Hannah with out a little bit of drama.

I always knew I wanted to try out baby wearing. To be able to give your baby the comfort they want as a new born whilst doing the dish washer and other endless chores that with out a sling I would more than likely never get done. However, I say this, I haven't used my sling whilst doing mundaine house jobs yet but I will and I know it will be a success, least I am positive that it will. It also means that If I don't want to use the pushchair I don't have to and when baby is in tears and all other resources have been exasperated I can grab my trusty sling and pop baby in and boom, sound asleep. Its a win win situation in my eyes.

I highly recommend baby wearing and although I don't intend on making it the only way I carry my baby, I do want it to be used as much as I can and what better people to help me do that than Snugi Wraps. Their soft beautiful wraps are simply perfect and such amazing prices. Take a peek and any new mummy's thinking of baby wearing I recommend Snugi Wraps. Go go, treat yourself and your baby. Let face it, you both win if you do but remember, not all babies will like it...